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Cloud Migration and Management Services

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DataTapSolutions offers end-to-end cloud migration and management services that make it easy for you to run, manage and sell IT services both on-prem and cloud.

Need a strategy to migrate and scale your on-prem applications/services to cloud?

Are you risking your cloud services by not monitoring like 60% of other corporations on the cloud?

Wouldn't you like to increase utilization of current investment before you plan on investing more into public/private cloud?

Do you have a normalized monitoring platform across datacenter and your cloud investment to reduce RCA times and increase productivity?

Do you know if your SaaS and PaaS services are on-par in compliance with your traditional transactional systems?

Get started in seconds.

Download your SightApps VM today in all major cloud provider accounts. Start monitoring your Cloud. If you want an on-premises solution, please contact our support.


Easy to use.

From spinning up probes to creating dashboards and custom correlations.

Scale with confidence.

Grow to 1000's of networks, servers and applications, all easily managed from one simple interface.

Save time and money.

Stop using legacy monitoring solutions that require monitoring themselves.


Network, IT & Datacenter Admins

 As we invest more into cloud, we need nimble and customizable monitoring tools. This helps us deliver services with confidence and keep our customers happy.  


DevOps &
Traditional Operations

 SightApps bridges the gap in monitoring tools that suit DevOps requirements. We rollout new versions of applications everyday and monitor network anomolies down to a fraction.   


Business &

 Now we can correlate a customer's network performance to their spend and justify the RoI.  

All-in-one Monitoring solution

Are you looking for a vendor & cloud agnostic monitoring solution with modular approach?

SightApps helps IT organizations visualize, optimize, troubleshoot, secure and comply with the network and server environments.

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